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UPDATE: Storm Causes Damage In Lewis County

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A Lewis County woman who had part of her home's roof blown off in a storm Nov. 1 is now thanking the community.

Helen Jett's 118-year-old home was damaged Friday morning, but Jett said the community came to the rescue.

The Salvation Army provided materials for a new roof, and family and friends did the work.

Jett said she has a lot of people to thank.

"I really would thank the Salvation Army. They were troopers, boy, they came here and they took over and put my roof back on that day. And the churches around here, they were good," Jett said.

There's still more work to be done. The roof needs to be finished, and Jett has furniture to replace.

Original story

Friday's early morning storm swept through the Lewis County area, and while the high winds may not have been as damaging as last year's two big storms, it certainly made an impact on Helen Jett's home.

"You had to have a slicker suit to walk through my living room and bathroom. We didn't know what was happening, I thought a tree fell, but the roof came off my house," Jett said.

She wasn't the only one to feel the effects of the storm. Portions of downtown Weston lost power after debris from two buildings cut power lines, closing businesses and the county courthouse until about 10:15 a.m. Friday. County Commissioner Pat Boyle said he was glad to see the storm was more sound than fury.

"A lot of debris for people to clean up. We had gusts of wind, I'm going to guess some of those gusts of wind were thirty to forty miles an hour the way it sounded. I talked to some of the neighbors here in Jane Lew, they thought their house was coming down, it sounded that bad outside," Boyle said.

Jett was one of those neighbors. She spent her morning filling out paperwork and trying to find a way to get her roof covered before it rains again, which she expected Friday night, so her home doesn't suffer from more damage.

"It leaks like a sieve. You can see daylight through it. I like to see the stars, but this is ridiculous. I'd rather lay outside and see the stars than be in the house and see them," Jett said.

The one thing she won't do is leave her 118-year old home, the same place she grew up with 13 siblings.

"No, I'm not leaving the home place. This is home," Jett said.

Jett and her son are the only people in the home now, but both are on disability, and she says getting the material to fix her roof is an expense she can't afford.

A few area groups and churches have already stepped in to help, and she says her family can do a lot of the work once they get the materials.

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