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Richwood Grill in Morgantown Closing November 9

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The Richwood Grill will serve 'Day of the Dead' Dinner until Nov. 2 The Richwood Grill will serve 'Day of the Dead' Dinner until Nov. 2

A Morgantown restaurant that's become popular for its cool and casual style won't be around for much longer.

Halloween might be coming to an end but festivities will continue at the Richwood Grill throughout the weekend. But it might be your last chance to get a meal there.

Richwood Grill's 8th annual 'Dia de los Muertos,' or 'Day of the Dead' dinner, will be happening until each night up to November 2.

"It's a little something we've started doing years ago because my wife was a little homesick for Tuscan," said Marion Ohlinger, the executive chef and co-owner of the restaurant. "So we brought a little slice of the Southwest to West Virginia. But we use all local ingredients to do this, so we're kind of pulling that Southwestern here, but making more of a West Virginia tradition also.

"Just the atmosphere, the service, the food is delicious. It's unique, a lot of choices, something different every week," said Susan Harner. "I'll miss it, I'll definitely miss it."

The reason Harner said she will miss the Richwood Grill is because of the new owner of the building.

Ohlinger said he and his wife were surprised to learn their lease that is up would not be renewed.

"This building has been bought by a developer and they have other plans for the property," said Ohlinger. "We've been here for almost nine years and I guess it's just time for a change."

Ohlinger said all of the alcohol and tequila bottles, which has become quite popular at the Richwood Grill, are on sale.

As for the future of the Richwood Grill, there are hopes for a re-opening.

"I'm sad about it and I'll really miss them," said Harner. "But I really hope they do reopen somewhere."

"We've had a lot of support and the last few weeks have just been an outpouring of just incredible support for us," Ohlinger said. "It really assures us that we will be back, there's no doubt about it. We just don't know what we're going to do yet."

The owners are encouraging customers to come out through November 9, which is their last day to be opened.

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