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Athlete Of The Week: University Wide Receiver Jack Armstrong

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Some call him the All-American Boy, thanks to a 1930's radio series. His fans call him a one-play lightning rod. His mom calls him Jack. He's University High School's Jack Armstrong and he's this week's athlete of the week.

Whether he's on offense, defense or on special teams, Armstrong is all over the field.

"He wants to win and he's a winner," said Armstrong's Head Coach John Kelley. "He's a winner in life, in the classroom and on the football field."

His team is following his winning ways.

2013 has been a huge year for the 6-foot-1-inch receiver, along with the entire team. At 8-1, the University Hawks are ranked seventh in Class AAA.

"We've got a great group of guys," said Armstrong. "A lot of us have been playing together since the third grade. We're on the same page at all times, and we've been very fortunate so far and we just want to keep it going."

Armstrong has made 32 grabs for 487 yards and seven touchdowns. But it's not his offense that makes him so special. Number-1 is a solid defensive back, and on special teams, Armstrong is exciting.

"I've never coached a player, and I've coached some awfully good ones, that have the ability to go from the coasting-type speed to an absolute jet," said coach Kelley. "The afterburners kick in and he breaks it. We knew he was quick as a sophomore but not that quick."

"He doesn't look like he's very strong, but he's one of the strongest on the team," said University Quarterback Travis Renner. "Combined with his speed, it's just a killer threat he has."

Athleticism is certainly part of Armstrong's game, but technique is what Armstrong said he relies on. His teammates and coach laud his dedication and work ethic; qualities that truly define him as an athlete of the week.

"He's really an expert of the game," said Kelley. "He studies film, knows what to do, knows how things are going to transpire out there."

"I've worked very hard for this," said Armstrong. "I feel like I deserve to be in this position. I hope I don't come off too confident. It's something you need in this game. You need a bit of an edge and I think I've captured that this year."

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