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Glenville State College Shares Haunting Stories on Halloween

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If you asked Marlon Henry if he believed in ghosts before he started working at Glenville State College, he would have said no.

"I never did. I never believed in ghosts, never saw anything, any ghost-like figures or had any encounters with any ghosts or anything, but after being here on campus and the few things that's happened to me, it's kind of made me wonder," said Henry.

He's not the only one who's had a ghostly experience on campus. Instructor of mathematics Bill Bonnett said Sarah Louise Linn, or Sis Linn as she's better known, would often pay him a visit when he worked in the college library.

"I kept coming in the morning and my computer would be on, and yet I knew for a fact that I'd turned it off. And when I was brand new, I had no idea what was going on. I spoke to a colleague and she told me 'oh, Sis Linn's been there visiting you since you got here,'" said Bonnett.

Henry's had a few different experiences of his own, including one with plenty of witnesses as well.

"When we came here with the Hidden Promise camps, we were actually right upstairs in one classroom, and so ... we had a flashlight and stuff, and you just barely turn it on, and if it gets any pressure the light will come on... A little bit later on in the same evening, something kept rubbing my back and stuff, and that was what really started freaking me out, it was rubbing my back and up and down, and rubbing my shoulders and kind of scratching my back. They asked if that was Sis Linn, and the same thing, they asked if she was kind of picking on me and rubbing my back, and the light came on again," said Henry.

Both Henry and Bonnett said they believe it's Sis Linn's ghost they've encountered. But instead of fear, Bonnett said he wants to know what's keeping her here.

"You think about is she out for revenge, is she out to let people know that she's still around? What is it? I don't know."

And Sis Linn isn't the only ghost to make her presence known at Glenville State. Director of Residence Life Jerry Burkhammer said he's also met another ghost, known on campus as Marble Boy.

"There was a house, and there was a family that lived there, and had a little boy and a little girl, and the family went down to main street one day... The little boy tried to be like dad, and stoked the fire and do things. Well, he caught the house on fire, and it burned down with both the children in it... I mean, I was in Pickens, and you can hear at certain times on certain nights, like marbles rolling across the floor," said Burkhammer.

Burkhammer acknowledged that many people might say believing in ghost stories like these is silly, but he thinks they're too consistent to write off to easily.

"With all the stories, and how they meld so well together, it does, it leaves you thinking 'what if it could just be?'" Burkhammer said.

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