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Elkins City Council Passes Ordinance on Rental Housing Registration

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Elkins City Council is making sure health and safety standards are met for rental housing.

It passed an ordinance stating no unit can be rented unless a certificate of use and occupancy has been issued by the city's building inspector.

After a landlord pays an inspection fee, the building inspector will inspect the unit within six years. 

Each property owner shall be charged a compliance inspection fee of $30 per inspection per unit. If the property is a multi unit building, a maximum fee of $150 shall be charged for the compliance inspection for that building regardless of the number of units.

City officials believe this will help keep slumlords from escape repairs of dangerous living conditions.

"You always have some landlords that want us to tell them what to do, and how to do it. The input I'm getting from other landlords who's really trying to take care of their property. They do like this because they've already met these guidelines and rules, and you want to help them. There properties are already are in a healthy environment and livable," said Elkins Mayor Van Broughton.

The ordinance applies to all rental dwelling units with the city of Elkins. It doesn't apply to hotels, motels, dormitories, lodging and boarding houses.

The ordinance passed on second reading last Thursday. It will go into effect within 30 days.

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