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Local Businesses Help Customers Get Cars 'Winter Ready'

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Most people wouldn't dream of heading outside without a heavy coat in the dead of the winter when temperatures are below freezing. Cold temperatures don't just affect you. They also take a toll on your vehicle.

West Virginia roads won't be clear for long.

The winter months are approaching quickly and professionals say "winterizing" your car is extremely important.

"The first thing you want to do is to check all your fluids," said Alan McElroy, AutoZone Store Manager, "All of people run water in there in the summer instead of having antifreeze in there now so your engine doesn't freeze up."

"Winterizing" includes checking your antifreeze, keeping an eye on your brakes, winter proofing your windshield, and changing your tires.

"They can get winter treads if they prefer to have for your front wheel drive. For the front and give you a little extra protection. Most people use extra protection," McElroy said.

Even remote starters and heated seats are becoming popular.

"The remote start system allows you to start your car from up to a mile away from your vehicle," said Steve Messinger, Solar Steve's, "Of course, when you get in your vehicle it will be defrosted or it will be warm and ready to go."

Solar Steve's in Fairmont offers a variety of remote starts and will install it for you.

"You can actually get this is any vehicle and it will not void your warranty," Messinger said, "A lot of my customers are under the impression it will void the warranty and it will not."

Professionals said it's important to let your windshield defrost before you use your wipers.

"There's a brand new blade out now called the flex blade," McElroy said, "We have that in several different levels. It's almost like the old winter blades. It's one total blade and does an excellent job."

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