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'Ag On The Move' Stops in Preston County To Teach Students

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Fellowsville -

Students in Preston County are getting a hands-on education in agriculture. The West Virginia's Farm Bureau's Mobile Agriculture Science Lab is in Fellowsville teaching students everything from food, to how a pig's heart valve is used in humans.

"The other day I asked the kids, 'Where does cheese come from?' and the answer I got was Wal-Mart," said Mobile Science Lab teacher Donetta Sisler. "I would like to hear more about that it comes from a cow, and a dairy cow."

Students are as busy as farmers this week learning about, farmers when the Ag on the Move Bus stopped by.

"The first day we made glue out of milk. Then the second day we made plastic out of corn, and today we did a snack attack," said fifth grader Gabbie Radabaugh.

From horses to trees, to what keeps salad dressing creamy students are having quite the agricultural experience, even learning how Ag goes beyond food.

"A lot of them know diabetics, well insulin comes from a pig, and the heart valves for heart transplants come from a pig. So they open there eyes when they hear all of this stuff," said Sisler.

The Mobile Agriculture Science Lab spends the year traveling across the state taking hands-on experiments where they often can't go.

"When you're an elementary, space is very limited," said Principal Greg Cummings. "We don't have a science lab in the building, so this gives the kids to have a hands-on experience in a lab... I think it's exciting for them to do something they probably won't get to do again until high school."

Wednesday's Snack Attack taught students about fatty foods as student got a chance to actually see how much fat is in their favorite snacks.

"I think it's a surprising thing to them when they find out 16 potato chips has a lot of fat in it. I think it was an eye opening experience, and these kids are fifth graders so they're really understanding the nutritional value to that," said Cummings.

The Mobil Science Lab costs school $1,800 a week. To learn more about the lab, or how to request a stop, visit the West Virginia Farm Bureau's web site.

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