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College Spotlight: George Shehl, Richard Iaquinta Continue Unbreakable Bond

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George Shehl is never short on emotion and energy.

The now West Virginia Wesleyan Head Football Coach admits he gets it from his high school coach, who now happens to be an assistant under him.

"I love Coach Iaquinta. He's a great coach. He's a guy that I really liked playing for. But I gained an entirely new respect for him as a coach and as a person when I stopped playing for him and when I graduated. Everything that he had said made a lot of sense," Wesleyan Head Football Coach George Shehl said.

"I was so glad when he got picked up at Marshall and also down at the University of Charleston. We've always stayed close. We had several players from that team that stayed really, really close. They went on to play college ball. Then I followed him after that. Then he asked me to come up here," Bobcats Special Teams Coach Richard Iaquinta said.

The sideline at Robert C. Byrd High School is where the dream of one day coaching football began for George Shehl. He said it's a dream that could not have been attained without the direction of one Richard Iaquinta. A dream that became reality last December.

"I've been preparing for this very moment since I've been about 10 years old," Shehl said.

It was during that press conference when Assistant Coach George Shehl, became Head Coach George Shehl. Iaquinta was not surprised with the transformation.

"He told me in high school that he wanted to go into coaching," Iaquinta said. "I told him that I thought he would make an excellent coach. He's pretty level headed, not a risk taker and that type of things. He stuck with the program, especially when he was at WVU. He always had a great attitude. You could never discourage him. Never."

Iaquinta was the very first football coach at RCB back in 1996 and Shehl was one of his first players. Fast-forward the clock to 2013, and you will find Iaquinta coaching the Special Teams unit for the West Virginia Wesleyan Bobcats. It was a hire that Shehl says was about as easy as it gets.

"He coaches me," Shehl said. "There's some times that I need coached. Maybe sometimes it's on the field or sometimes he tells me the quarterbacks are holding on to the ball for too long, or sometimes I'll be having a tough day and I'll need some advice. He's always the guy that I go to. He's either got the answer or he can steer me in the right direction."

"I will say I'm one of the older coaches. I don't know. I told George, as long as he felt like that I was contributing, that I would help him. I realize that there are a lot of good, young coaches that are up and coming. I'm sure he will fill those shoes as quick as they are vacated," Iaquinta said.

An unbreakable bond between a player and coach, forged together by the love for football.

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