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Smart Phone Apps Created to Help with Fall Activities

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'Halloween Pumpkin Maker' App being used on a Samsung Tablet. 'Halloween Pumpkin Maker' App being used on a Samsung Tablet.

One of the best ways to celebrate the fall weather is to head out to a pumpkin patch. And there are new websites and apps that will show you where the closest one to you is. But Mother Nature doesn't always agree with your plans, so there are apps that allow you to stay at home, safe and warm, but still let you have some Halloween fun.

"Picking out a pumpkin, going to a haunted house, going apple picking, all that kind of stuff is just things families should enjoy together during the fall and Halloween," said Hannah Dye, a Morgantown resident.

People around the world agree with Dye. The Census said that the total number of pumpkins produced in the U.S. valued more than $100 million in 2011.

Sometimes people need a little help finding their way to a pumpkin patch. And some new apps can help with that.

"We were trying to figure out all of our options when we were coming out so we were just Googling," said Dye. "We had no idea what we were walking into or what was going on. So if there was an app that told us where the nearest were, what kind of activities going on, that would be great."

Apps also provide a way for you to practice carving pumpkins, or think up designs before doing the dirty work.

Linda Click, a Sales Manager from US Cellular, said smart phones also provide other benefits during the season.

"The neat thing about a smart phone is they really have some great cameras on them now," Click said. "So you can capture those pictures without juggling with a camera, and a phone, and all those things and captures those pictures upload them to Facebook, Instagram, or whatever you want to do. Even get some really cool backgrounds."

Click also said that US Cellular will be getting Apple products at the end of the year and that all the apps mentioned are available on both Apple and Droid products.

Dye said her daughter is a little young to start carving pumpkins. But that her family will make heading out to a pumpkin patch a family tradition.

"I know everybody thinks that the summer is the time to get out and go on vacation and go to the beach," said Dye. "But I think that the fall you just need to take time and get back outside with families and teach them about nature and the harvest."

Different websites and apps to help with Halloween activities are listed below.

Carving the Perfect Jack-O'-Lantern. Apps like 'Halloween Pumpkin Carver' can help you visualize the perfect jack-O'-lantern without ever making a first cut and then share your creativity on Facebook and other social media sites.

Finding the Great Pumpkin. If you're not sure where to find the perfect pumpkin you might try searching for local farmers markets and pumpkin patches at these websites:

Scare and Share. Capturing all of your spooky outdoor decor and costumed kids using the latest mobile via HD camera and video to store and share. Apps like 'Muzy' offer a way to instantly share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, SMS, or just save it for later. You can frame your pictures with dozens of classic layouts and add various photo effects to make them appear vintage, sepia, black and white, and more. That way you can enjoy your memories for years to come.

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