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'Celebration of Life' Held for Breast Cancer Awareness in Bridgeport

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The Harrison County Breast Cancer Awareness Committee hosted a lunch on Sunday as a celebration of life for women.

Any person who survived breast cancer, has breast cancer, or cares for someone with breast cancer was welcome at the celebration.

Lunch was provided along with some special presents for each person who attended.

"We have several gifts for them, we're going to have lunch together, and just a really good time of fellowship and just be supportive of their journey. Different people are in different places. Some women who are here today are recently diagnosed, other women have been through series of treatments, and some have been cancer free for 10 years, 15 years. So we're going to celebrate each of those milestones for them," said Jim Harris, who is on the local Breast Health Awareness Committee.

Various organization attended the lunch such as 31 gifts, Chick-fil-A, and Mary Kay.

In addition to lunch there was also a balloon release and a walk to celebrate life.

This was one of many events held on Saturday and Sunday for breast cancer awareness.

There was a pink glove dance was held on Saturday at the Meadowbrook Mall and raised awareness for breast cancer.

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