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Marion County Board Of Education To Install GPS Devices On Buses, Maintenance Vehicles

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The Marion County Board of Education has approved the purchase of GPS devices for county vehicles.

This includes school buses, maintenance trucks, and more.

"This isn't that big brother effect where you are trying to see what folks are doing. We're trying to become more efficient," said Andy Neptune, administrative assistant of human resources and student support services for Marion County Schools.

In just a couple of months time, every bus in Marion County will have a new GPS device installed on it.

The Marion County Board of Education said the GPS system isn't meant to track down its employees, but will make the lives of the board members and its maintenance crew a lot easier.

"One of the things it's going to help us do with the buses is also check to make sure we are making the most efficient effective use of our buses. We want to make sure the runs are done in a timely manner. That they are laid out in a manner that makes the most of their time," said Gary Price, Marion County Superintendent of Schools.

The board will purchase $70,000 worth of GPS devices from Zonar.

The company provides electronic inspection, fleet tracking, and more.

"If our buses break down in a given area, a distance away from our area for transportation, we are able to use Zonar and see what the problem is," Neptune said. "Access the problem with a computer system down at the garage and be able to send our mechanics out with their tools to be able to deal with the situation of the bus when its broke down."

Ninety five percent of the cost is reimbursable by the state and several school districts have reporting seeing a decrease in fuel consumption and emergency response time.

"It would help save an investment. If we can reduce some of the uses and some of the overlaps that we currently have then it would save some additional dollars," Price said.

Price said the installation of the GPS devices will begin over Christmas break.

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