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Fall Pattern Reversal

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No doubt about it, a WET Summer here in northern and central West Virginia.  Many locations saw high precipitation numbers, with Clarksburg setting a record for the wettest Summer on record of 20.99 inches of rain, breaking the old record of 19.15 inches set in 1958.  

But as we pushed into early September, we saw a pattern change.  It started to relax a bit, allowing fronts to clear from the north and west, being replaced by several days of high pressure ridging, leading to a lack of precipitation.

Some September numbers:

Morgantown:  2 inch total for the month, 1.21" below average.

Elkins:  2.36", 1.27" below average.

Clarksburg:  2.46 inches of rain, .84" below average.

And looking at the early days of October, the pattern rolls on.  On average, October is our driest month of the year.

We also looked at the comparison of a wet, cool Summer and how that correlates to what kind of Winter we'll have, and what we've found is that there isn't one.  So a wet Summer doesn't mean high Winter snow totals.

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