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Davis Memorial Hospital Donates 'Sleep Sacks'

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Davis Memorial Hospital is educating new parents on how to use a tool to lower unexplained infant deaths.

The hospital's auxiliary has donated newborn sleep sacks. It's an effort to keep babies safe while sleeping.

Newborn Abigail Arbogast came into the world on Wednesday. Davis Memorial Hospital is already make sure her time there is comfortable as possible.

"The auxiliary felt that this project was so important because of education. Educating our new parents on the things to look for when SDIS is possible," said Valerie Bright, a volunteer coordinator.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is responsible for more than 2,000 sudden, unexplained deaths each year. The hospital's auxiliary is donating 72 HALO sleep sacks for in hospital use. It keeps infants warm while eliminating the risk loose blankets may create.

Other ways to reduce the risk of SDIS include placing babies on their backs to sleep; making sure mattresses fit snugly against crib walls, which should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart; keep soft objects and toys out of cribs.

"Infants seemed to love them because they are so secure and warm in the womb, and when we bring them out and place them in these nice blankets, and we secure them. They're nice and warm and secure just like they were there in their mother's womb. There very comforted by them," said Leslie Bonner, R.N.

The sleep slack comes in two styles, one to safely swaddle babies and one that acts as a wearable blanket. Hospital auxiliary volunteers believe the donation will benefit many infants and families.

"The feedback from the nurses is that they want to take them home, can we take them home with us. So I definitely know they are very successful in making the infants feel very nice and snuggled and safe," Bright said.

The sleep sacks are also available in the hospital's gift shop. 

New parents are given a coupon toward buying one.

The hospital may also offer it as an outpatient gift.


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