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3 Marion County Agencies Receive Victims of Crime Act Grant

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Three agencies collectively received $194,000 from the state to continue helping victims of violence. Employees said it's not an easy job by any means, but every person the agencies help makes it all worth it.

"I'm giving them a voice that they wouldn't normally have. I am solely here to take all my time for them," said Kim Hawkins, victim advocate with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office. "If this job wasn't here they may not get the time that they need because we are so busy. There are so many crimes."

CASA, HOPE Task Force on Domestic Violence, and the Victim Advocate program of the Marion County Prosecutor's Office all received a large grant from the Division of Justice and Community Services.

"This is the largest grant that we receive. It's a VOCA grant. A Victim of Crime Act grant and it's crucial for our operation. It's funding that's competitive every year. You have to do the application process every year," said Kim Baker, CASA Executive Director.

CASA said there are nearly 60,000 people living in Marion County and every day someone is a victim of violence.

"Up to this point there are approximately 80 children that have been removed from parental custody due to child abuse. That's just since January," Baker said.

"It is unfortunately daily to have a violent crime. Unfortunately it's daily that we have any crime," Hawkins added.

CASA, Hope, and the Victim Advocate Program have a memorandum of understanding and they all work together in many cases.

"Hope does domestic violence. There is a lot of things that they can council that I cannot so I refer them over there. Kim Baker from CASA works one-on-one with me. She is a huge help to me. It takes all of us," Hawkins said.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you are someone seeking for help or know someone else who is, call Hope's Domestic Violence Hotline. The number is 304-367-1100.

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