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Fairmont Regional Cancer Center Ready To Reopen After Recent Renovations

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West Virginia University Hospitals said it aims to provide quality care to all of its patients. It recently spent 17 million to continue that quality care in Marion County.

The Fairmont Regional Cancer Center was purchased by WVU Hospitals in May. After three months of hard work and renovations, the facility is finally ready to open its doors to the public.

"We're actually really happy that we're bringing this level of care to Fairmont. It's just hugely different. For us to actually see it existing, its just really nice," said Dr. Geraldine Jacobson, WVUH Chair of Radiation Oncology.

A fresh coat of paint, newly designed examination rooms, and brand new equipment are a few of the many changes at the Fairmont Regional Cancer Center.

"In conjunction with actually putting the machine in, we had renovations within the center going on simultaneously. So for three months, there was a lot of dust flying and a lot of work being done. The machine went in without a hitch," said Ash Broadwater, WVUH Director of Radiation Oncology.

One of the center's biggest upgrades was replacing its linear accelerator.

"One of the really big differences between this and the equipment that was in this center previously is we can do something called onboard imaging. So right before the patient is treated we can see their cancer like with a CT scan and be sure we are treating the patient very accurately and precisely," Dr. Jacobson said.

The former FRCC employees joined the staff of the WVU Hospitals Radiation Oncology Department.

"During the three months that they were doing the renovations here, those staff traveled to Morgantown and worked in the Radiation Oncology Department up there. They were learning our systems, our computers, how we manage patients. So they have all returned," Broadwater said.

WVU Hospitals said it was important to keep the Cancer Center in Fairmont and it is a good community investment.

"It was just understanding the convenience of patients to have it here in the community and not having to travel quite so far to Morgantown for that type of care," Broadwater said.

The Fairmont Regional Cancer Center will officially reopen its doors on Tuesday, October 1.

WVUH employees said the center will hold an open house for the public in the coming weeks.

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