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WVU Transitions to New Recycling Program

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West Virginia University is showing its commitment to sustainability by using a new method of recycling called single stream.

The new method allows all recycled items to go into one bin, which helps the school avoid tipping fees at landfills and reduce custodial labor costs associated with emptying bins.

"We felt that by transitioning our campus to single stream recycling we'll be able to divert literally tons of waste that would have normally gone into a landfill. Now we'll be able to recycle that," said Stephanie Toothman, the Operation Coordinator of WVU Recycling Services.

Previously, WVU used a source-separated system where all users placed recyclables into separate bins by type of commodity.

Building bins will now accept plastics1-7, glass, aluminum, steel cans, and cardboard in a single bin.

The bins will not accept paper towels, napkins, Styrofoam or plastic bags.

Recycled materials are transferred to Republic Services' local transfer station and then sent on to a sorting facility in Pittsburgh.

In 2013, WVU recycled 894.38 tons of materials.

Using this new system, WVU will receive a rebate from recycled materials collected.

Officials at WVU hope the new method will increase recycling participation and decrease the amount of waste sent to landfills.

WVU will phase its buildings into the single stream program throughout the semester.

For more information, you can visit the WVU Office of Sustainability website.

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