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Bridgeport Residents Hold Community Challenge Event

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Bridgeport residents learned about a program that helps them become fit and in shape to help children on Sunday.

Body By Vi Challenge hopes to get the community involved and help children improve their own health.

Anyone from Harrison County who signs up Body By Vi Challenge will donate food to Help on the Horizon Back Pack Program.

"We have our food pantry and we know there are hungry kids, so we thought that's a no-brainer why are we not doing this? Why are we not feeding children to help their brains have enough food so that they can grow the way god designed them to so that they can have better test scores. Some of the test scores go up 30-percent just by having food on the weekends," said program representative Yvonne Chelberg.

Help On The Horizon Currently provides backpack food for 141 children at West Milford Elementary School, 75 children at Lost Creek Elementary School, 70 children at Johnson Elementary School, and 10 children at Jane Lew Elementary School each week.

"Based on statistics many children within our own state within West Virginia either don't get food or don't have enough food going home on the weekend," said Ambassador for Visalus Sciences Emory Oldaker.

When a participant loses ten pounds or gains ten pounds of muscle 30 free meals will be donated to one child in Harrison County.

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