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Harrison County Board of Education President Recommends Website During Emergencies

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Mountaineer Middle School declared a code red lockdown last week, and parents were alerted by phone.

After complaints from parents, the Harrison County Board of Education admits that some work needs to be done.

The board discussed its performance on Tuesday at a work session.

Board President Mike Queen said he wanted to discuss how to improve communication with parents, and he wanted parents to know that if it happens again, the board's website is the place to go.

"You can pull up our website on your cell phone, on your iPad, at home or at work and know exactly what's going on. We need to do a little bit better; this is the first time we've had an offense like this to where we had to put our protocol into place. We made some mistakes and we're going to get better at it," Queen explained.

A code red lockdown is issued when there is an intruder in the school or a weapon is found.

There is also a code yellow lockdown, which is precautionary, a code blue which is for medical emergencies, and a code orange for bomb threats.

Queen said the board wants parents to remember that the schools will always put the kids first.

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