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Fairmont Utility Board Introduces New Automated Meter Infrastructure

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Marion County residents will notice crews are out making changes to their meter reading system over the next several years.

The Fairmont Utility Board said the new system will make readings more accurate, saving you, the customer, as well as the utility company, money in the long run.

"What we'll have is real time data. We'll have data every day instead of waiting two months. If you have a leak, a commode problem or actually losing water, we'll be able to identify it. This program will be able to identify that," said David Sago, Fairmont Utility Board.

The Fairmont Utility Board and C.I. Thornburg started the transition in the Watson area on Tuesday.

"We are cutting the hole in the lid to mount the radio for the water meters when we install those. The tower sends the signal, the radio will pick up the signal and sends it back to the tower and back to the office," said Greg Evans, S.I. Thornsburg.

The Fairmont Utility Board said the new Automated Meter Reading Program is a 180 of what it uses now.

"We have to physically go and take a reading every two months for our customers. This program will do it automatically. We will actually be able to have a transmitter on the meter itself. It will transmit that information to the database and from the database into the billing," Sago said.

The transition will consist of three phases and will take up to five years to complete.

"Phase two is going to be East Side. We will be doing most of all of East Side at that point. After that it will be just the other routes are still available that we haven't gotten to at that point," Sago said.

Sago said the new system will reach new levels of accuracy in water measurement.

Customers will notice a blue or yellow flag in their yard once the process has been started on their meter.

Sago said blue means everything is ready to go, yellow means the Utility Board may need to fix a few things before proceeding.

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