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WWVU-FM U92 Nominated for 3 College Music Journal Awards

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Last year, College Radio Day had more than 500 stations from 29 different countries. The WVU student radio station might bring back some international awards from this year's event.

"Don't go anywhere you are listening to the new music pioneer, WWVU-FM." The call letters can be heard every hour on U92, also known as 'The Moose,' which broadcasts on 91.7 FM. It's a radio station run by WVU students, and it's been nominated for three College Music Journal awards.

Jimmy Fortura, a senior at WVU, has been nominated for Best Music Director.

"It's our equivalent, in the college radio world, to Billboard Magazine," Fortura said. "So when you're driving down the street and listening to a corporate station, when they say charting on the top three this week is Beyonce. We do the same thing just with a different market."

The station is also nominated for Biggest Improvement and Best Community Resource.

"As far as I can tell there's nothing exactly like what we got going on with other college radio stations," said John Casey, the Morgantown Sound Producer, "It's kind of a unique thing for anyone to have a live music show. Because most of them don't have one anymore."

Morgantown Sound features local bands and music each week.

"For Morgantown, for our market, it's harder to draw local talent," Fortura said, "Just because population wise. We're not in a city even as big as Pittsburgh. We've become the go-to for college artists, college acts. We've actually launched a lot of career and that's a great thing. It's humbling."

U92 was up against thousands of other college radio stations to be nominated for these awards. It will have to beat out four others stations in each category to win.

"That's what we're here for to serve the community," said Casey. "It gives them the opportunity to come in and get their music recorded."

"It means a lot to me but I think more importantly it means a lot to the people that I work with," Fortura said. "I told them that from the beginning. From the day I got the job I said, if we're going to do this we're going to do it together."

People from the station said that one of the main reasons they were nominated for Best Community Resource is because of the live and local music on Morgantown Sound. It features bands every Monday night from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Gluck theater in the Mountainlair.

The winners for the CMJ Awards will be announced October 17 at College Day in New York City.

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