DECISION MAKERS: Bray discusses the Mingo County controversy, road tolls and a pastor asked to resign after letting police use the church bus

On this week's edition of Decision Maker's Bray hosts Shania Ammons, a friend of Skylar Neese and Sheila Eddy.  Ammons discusses how the past year has been dealing with the death of one friend and the accusation that her other friend killed her. 

Bray sits down with Chris Wilkinson, mayor of Hamlin, WV.  Wilkinson also serves as Chief of Police for Hamlin and was the pastor of the Morning Star Community Church until a controversy over the use of his church's bus during a drug bust led to his resignation as pastor. 

Karen Gorrell, Ravenswood Century Aluminum retirees' spokesperson, talks with Bray about the retirees' fight with Century Aluminum.  She describes the history behind the plant's closing and how the employees were treated.

Director of the Consumer Advocate Division of the Public Service Commission, Byron Harris, talks with Bray about his service as director.  Director Harris also talks with Bray about Fellman Productions seeking special electric rates.

Sen. Bill Cole (R-Mercer) stops by to talk about the proposal to raise tolls on West Virginia roads.  Sen. Cole speaks about prevailing wage and potential areas for cost cutting.

West Virginia Media Political Editor, Ann Ali and Bray speak the controversy in Mingo County, WV and about Natalie Tennant announcing her run for Senate.

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