WVU Transportation Day Shows Students Options for Getting Around Town


The WVU "WE GO!" Campaign for Alternative Transportation strives to reduce congestion and promote sustainable transportation in and around Morgantown. WVU Transportation Day, put on by WVU Department of Transpiration, lets students see the campaign's efforts.

There are many ways to get to where you're going in Morgantown. From jumping on the PRT, to waiting for a bus at one of the many bus stops. But there are forms of transportation that students don't know about, and WVU wanted to fix that. Transportation Day was a way to put a spotlight on methods of transportation for students to get to class. Like Ryan Montgomery, who uses the PRT.

"I pretty much use it every day for classes downtown," Montgomery said. "I live on Evansdale in Towers, I use it every day to get to classes. It's good I mean it hasn't broken down on me yet."

The PRT isn't the only way to travel. Patricia Daniel said a booth was set up at each PRT stop to give out some free-bees to students while teaching them about their choices.

"Even though they do have an idea already, we want them to know all the options they have here at WVU," Daniel said. "Parking is a big issue so we try to give them alternate ways to get around town."

A few new additions to the way students can travel are ZimRide, which allows students to car pull for long rides back to their hometowns, and ZipCars, for renting.

"The ZipCar, which they can rent on weekends if they want to go to the mall or want to go home even," Daniel said. "That's what we have the ZipCar for."

The PRT and buses do have issues but students said they are reliable enough to not need a car.

"I'll probably, in my junior year, I'll bring my car," Montgomery said. "In my junior year I might bring a car but I just don't see the need for a car yet."

Each booth also had a raffle going on for an "Oops! Pass." The winning student could use it to get out of a WVU issued parking ticket.

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