Monongalia County Commission Discusses Numerous Issues, Including County-Wide Zoning


The Monongalia County Commission said Tuesday that it may be time to discuss expanding from three to five members.

Commissioner Bill Bartolo brought up the topic during the commission's weekly meeting.

Bartolo said he doesn't necessarily support the change but thinks the county would support it, and that it's time to discuss it.

He said the same thing about county-wide zoning.

"Development is ongoing in Monongalia County, and it's going to continue, there's no reason to believe it's going to stop. It's going to start touching people it's never touched before, and the only way to preserve the character of neighborhoods is with zoning," Bartolo said.

The commission agreed that both topics deserve discussion and may be issued to the voters as a ballot question in next May's county election.

Commission also approved a collaboration agreement with developer Mon-View LLC, West Virginia University, and the town of Granville on a new baseball stadium.

WVU will own the land, and the county will own the park until the project is paid back. At that time, WVU will own the park. The stadium doesn't have a name yet. Commission jokingly suggested "Callen, Bartolo, and Bloom Field."

Next month the commission will also open up bids on two projects at the Harley O. Staggers Federal Building. The former post office was purchased by the county in 2011, and will be the home to the county commission and the circuit court. 

The bids are the first steps taken by the county since graffiti and asbestos was removed last summer.

"We have three judges, two of the are using established court rooms, the other has a much smaller use and has to share other courtrooms that the other judges use, so, I think this is a step in the right direction, a giant step," Bartolo said. 

Once construction begins on the building, the county estimates it will take 18-months to move in. The bids will address paving and roofing needs. 

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