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Restaurant Road Trip: Station Square

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Starting as a waitress at Ellis Restaurant, to owning a quaint place called Station Square in Nutter Fort since 2007, Long time restaurateur Margaret Scalise is no stranger to the restaurant world.

"My son said 'it's about time you started one for yourself, Mom'. So he helped me find this place here, when it was for sale and it was called Station Square then. So we started it up, and just started serving what I could make what I thought people would like," said Margaret Scalise, owner. 

Having to create a menu, Scalise said, wasn't hard.

"I come from a family of 12. My Mom was a good cook. We just learned everything from my Mom, and I don't know you just picked it up and did it," Scalise said.

Menu items at Station Square range from sandwiches to salads, hot dogs to pizzas. The restaurant gets a mixture of people who have a favorite food.

"I grew up in a big family, and lot of times we had fried bologna sandwiches for dinner and it was so good, it was a stable so," said Doug Hogue, customer.

"You need to put bologna sandwiches on your menu," Scalise said.

"I said if we don't get fried bologna in here. I'm going to have to find a fried bologna restaurant, and he says don't worry he says its coming it's going to be on the menu the following Monday," Hogue said.

A retired school teacher, Hogue loves those fried bologna sandwiches but also said Station Square is a staple in the community.

"Nutter Fort has always been a community where knows each other. So you're here and here comes a part of the community in here to eat lunch or dinner. So it's a great place, great atmosphere," Hogue said.

You'll find Station Square located at 424 Buckhannon Pike in Nutter Fort.

Call 304-622-9852 for more information.

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