Clarksburg Residents Fear West Fork River is Washing Away Their Road


Peggy Sue Miller lives on Good Turn Road, near the Clarksburg Country Club, in Clarksburg.

She and her family live near the West Fork River. The family believes the river is overtaking their road.

"In March 2012, we noticed our road started to eat away because the river bank started to wash up," Miller said.

The Division of Highways dumped large rock and gravel along the side of it to act as a barrier. But some residents are calling it a Band-Aid fix.

"It's only been six days since they were here, you can already see the cracking happening already," Miller said.

Miller believes the Division of Highways needs to focus on a more permanent fix.

"They are going to have to come in here and put pilings into the road and then fill it in. They have to go down below the river bed," Miller said.

Miller believes the river won't hold back otherwise.

"This river, the West Fork, is starting to try and make a new turn. Water has a lot force behind it. It is very strong," she said.

The biggest concern is safety. Miller fears the rock and gravel will wash away, leaving her and her neighbors back at square one.

"To the point, we don't think we can get an emergency vehicle down our road. The bus decided it wasn't safe to come down our road," Miller said.

At its narrowest point, the road is just a little more than nine feet wide. The Clarksburg Fire Department said an average fire truck is 11 feet wide.

"Ultimately, this will all become water.I see that coming. If this road is not stabilized, will go with it. We will have this road in the water, as you can see if you drive down farther," Miller said.

Miller fears that winter will bring even more issues.

"My scare is that someone will go right over the edge. They will plow it, and it will look level, but unsafe," Miller said.

The Division of Highways said there are numerous roads across the county that are cracking and falling apart due to heavy rains and high water levels. The DOH said fixing those roads are very costly and time consuming, and the gravel barrier is a temporary fix that will likely need to be redone.

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