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WV Fitness 24 Making Strides in the World of Crossfit

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A local gym is trying to make a name for itself in a certain type of exercise.  

Crossfit is a fitness movement that's sweeping the nation that allows the competitors to not only challenge each other, but themselves as well.

"The trainers will actually scale it and make it to where you can progress because it's really about competing with yourself. John for example lost about 110 doing this," said Clinten Aragona, the owner of WV Fitness 24.

WV Fitness 24 isn't a cross fit certified gym, and it only implemented this training about a year ago.

"Because we're a 24 hour fitness center we decided to incorporate a cross training aspect into our club. There's been a lot of people who have really caught on and get serious about it and want to get competitive and it turns out we have a lot of people that are champions," explained Aragona.

One of those champions is Darcy Thompson, who finished second in the 2012 West Virginia Crossfit Championship.

"I did college sports and high school sports and when I was done I was a little bit at a loss for having competition in my life. It gives me that thrill of competing again," Thompson said.

Thompson said crossfit is a way to challenge yourself.

"It's anything from pull-ups, push-ups, hand stand push-ups, running, its anything you can think of to challenge you physically," Thompson explained.

WV Fitness 24 is hoping to put a team in the 2013 championship. If it were to win, it would be a first.

"No one has actually done that in the country yet. A non-affiliated cross fit club that went and competed and won the entire state, and that's what we're looking to do," Aragona said.

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