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Marion County Schools Embrace New Accountability System

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Adequate Yearly Progress, AYP, is now a thing of the past for West Virginia Schools.

It has been replaced by new system where parents can have access to public school performance data just by logging onto the Internet.

The new West Virginia Accountability System addresses a student's academic growth as well as a school's overall achievement year to year.

"It was started with last year's 2012 scores and it will go forward to the year 2020," said Gary Price, Marion County Superintendent of Schools.

Each school is charted out with an exact plan of how many points it needs to progress each year until it meets it target growth.

"Schools that do meet the growth and meet it in all areas will be considered a success school, possibly even a reward school. Those who do not meet it in all areas may be a transition school or if they have more deficits, may be a support school," Price said.

Nine Marion County schools are considered 'success schools.' Monongah Middle is one of them.

"We were fortunate enough to be exemplary the last two years. Things are going real well there. We get a lot of support from the Central Office staff as well as other principals. We work on the new standards. We have a lot of great teachers at the school," said Steve Malnick, Monongah Middle Principal.

The goal of the new system is to have 75 percent of students be proficient in math, reading, and language arts over the next seven years.

"Schools are rewarded for growth," Price said. "Even if a school has not typically had higher achieving test scores, they can be rewarded for the job they have done helping the students to grow."

Parents have access to the data through the West Virginia Board of Education's website.

"Go to your county, click on your particular school you want to see. There is a ton of information that tells all of the relative data for each particular school," Price said.

That relative data includes school achievements and even a comparison as to how your school to compared to others in the state.

Click on the link for additional information.

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