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First Public Hearing Held in Barbour County for Possible School Closures

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Two schools in Barbour County are in danger of closing their doors.

On Monday the Barbour County Board of Education held a public hearing at Volga-Century Elementary School.

The Board of Education allowed parents, students, and faculty to speak on the possible closure.

If passed, the students from Volga-Century and Mount Vernon Elementary School will go to Philippi Elementary School.

Before the meeting even started parents were getting ready to fight the proposal.

Most parents were not happy with the situation, asking the board to "save the small schools."

Superintendent Joe Super said its a financial decision.

"I don't think anybody really wants to close the schools. I think it's a situation that we look at our financial situation, declining enrollment, and the fact that we do not have a levy, kind of leads us to this situation," Super said.

Parents think the board is thinking too much about money, and not considering other options.

"They should just leave the schools alone because you shove all these kids in those schools and they're going to get neglected, not get the attention they need, and the education is going to go down. Its not about the kids anymore it's about money," said Roy Schroeder, a concerned parent.

Next up the Board of Education will have a similar public meeting at Mount Vernon Elementary School on Wednesday, September 18 at 6 p.m. and a final meeting at Philippi Elementary School on Tuesday, September 24 at 6 p.m.

Super said that the board is expected to vote on the closings at its meeting on September 30.

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