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Parents Preparing To Fight School Closures In Barbour County

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Parents of Volga Century students were already out on school grounds before their students were out of class, trying to make sure that they're doing all they can to stop the school from closing. The Barbour County Board of Education is considering closing both Volga Century and Mount Vernon Elementary Schools due to declining enrollment and sending those students to Philippi Elementary. But that small size is why parents want to keep the school open.

"And if they shut our smaller schools down, they're going to send them to one school in Philippi, and I'm afraid it's just going to be overcrowded and our children aren't going to get the best education, you know, the one they deserve," said Danielle Ervin, whose child goes to Volga Century.

Richard Ervin agrees, and he's not the only one. He said that even their children recognize the value of having smaller classes, and like the accessibility to the teachers those classes provide.

"They like that they can actually, if they have a question, they can talk to their teacher and the teacher will come back and is able to help them, and no have to be with 20 different people, 25 different people at once, that if they need help, they know that they can ask their teacher for that," said Richard Ervin.

Danielle Ervin is hoping that they'll be able to make their point heard at Monday's meeting and wanted to know why the board plans to close the school.

"They've made it work so far throughout the years. It's always been a small school, and if they have kept it open this far, I don't see why they can't keep it going," said Danielle Ervin.

There are two more public meetings set to discuss the possibility of the school closures.  The next will be at Mount Vernon Elementary School on September 18, and the last at Philippi Elementary on September 24.  All meetings start at 6 p.m.

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