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WVU Students, Faculty Experiment with Google's Latest Invention

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Five people at West Virginia University were selected to use Google Glass. It's an instrument that allows other people to see what you see.

People around the world competed in the #IfIHadGlass competition on Twitter, to get the chance to be one of the first people to use Google Glass. It let's you text, tweet, take pictures, and video all virtually hands free.

A student, some journalism professors, and the WVU head volleyball coach, Jill Kramer, are experimenting with the device. Kramer uses the photos and video she takes with Google Glass for future athletes.

"We can use a lot of that in recruiting. It kind of gives you an up close and personal look at our program," Kramer said. "With somebody actually walking through what's going on. So that's been really great."

Shaun Vendryes, a Mobile Media Specialist at WVU, uses it to see how it would fit into the average person's life.

"They see it and think it's a little cumbersome, what would I really use it for? So, what we're trying to develop the tools to make it more appealing for everyone else to use" Vendryes said.

Kramer described how she will use the glass in the future as her volleyball team continues its 10-0 record.

"I would love to wear them during a time out when I feel like it's not a distraction," Kramer said, "I would also love to have a player wear them during a time out. Kind of give an idea, I want to know what I look like when I talk to the players. What it looks like for me to talk to them."

There are a few things that both Kramer and Vendryes said they would change. The battery life isn't all that great and it's not an every day normal look.

"When I first initially got them, it was a big concern," Vendryes said, "I'm not going to lie, this is a little awkward at times walking around with this on. Although after about 10 to 15 minutes you kind of forget that it's there."

He also said that speaking his texts out loud in public isn't always a good thing. But experimenting with Google Glass allows the users to tell the makers what they think should be added.

To see what each person experimenting with Google Glass has been up to, follow WVU on Google+.

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