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Randolph County Adult Drug Court Holds Open House

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The new Randolph County Adult Drug Court held an open house today.

The drug court's goal is to rehabilitate people convicted of drug crimes, instead of putting them behind bars.

Program participants must contribute to the community in some way for 40 hours a week and check every day with a probation officer.

Officials said that even in its first year, the program has met with great success across the state.

"It's not just a get out of jail free card for a year. This is long term. They've got to fix the problem with drugs. If they don't fix the problem with drugs, they're just going to keep relapsing," said John Meadows, of the," said John Meadows, of the Adult Drug Court.

Judge Jamie Wilfong said that less than 10 percent of those who complete the program ever relapse into drug use.

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