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Coopers Rock Climbing Guides: Anyone Can Do It

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Saturday was not only a day for football but was a beautiful day to get out for some recreational sports at Coopers Rock State Forest.

Coopers Rock Climbing Guides took a few newcomers out for their first time climbing. They provide climbing shoes, harnesses and helmets, as well as all other technical climbing equipment needed for the sessions.

The guide and owner of the company, Andy Hershey, said that they start off slow and work their way up to the more difficult rocks.

"A lot of people show interest in rock climbing but they don't sign up for open climb or our  private climbs because they think they can't do it. But the best thing about Coopers Rock is there is something for just about everyone," said Hershey, the owner of Coopers Rock Climbing Guides. "I get a lot of questions like, 'am I fit enough to do this, or am I too old?'"

If you are interested in learning how to climb, or want to further your knowledge there will be an Open Climbing Session in October. Open Climbing Sessions provide new and seasoned climbers with the opportunity to try a variety of climbs and rappels, while learning from guides and instructors.

They also do private tours and group events. They try to climb at a new location with each session so you can return multiple times without climbing at the same place twice.

If you want to learn more about Coopers Rock Climbing Guides head over to this website.

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