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Brake Safety Week Ends as U.S. Truck Drivers Appreciation Week Begins

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There are more than three million professional truck drivers that deliver America's freight securely every day. Seeing a big semi- truck while driving might make a few people nervous. But the drivers are taking the precautionary steps to keep themselves and you safe. For the upcoming U.S. Drivers Appreciation Week you might want to cut them a break.

"We are required as drivers to check our breaks. In fact, going down I-68, before you go down the mountain, you're required to stop and check your brakes," Said David Curry, a truck driver for Preston Contractors in Kingwood.

The Public Service Commission's National Brake Safety week is just wrapping up.

Curry said there are a few different things to look for when checking your brakes.

"Basically, what you can do is you can stop your truck, pull your trailer valve, if you have a trailer valve, and watch your air gauge and see if you're losing air pressure," said Curry. "Same thing with your pedal valve. You can lift your pedal valve and check your tractor for air pressure leaks and you'll see the leak."

Brake Safety Week ends with the start of U.S. Truck Drivers Appreciation Week. The West Virginia and American Trucking Association said that men and women in the trucking industry log close to 398 billion miles a year.

Curry explained that running all these miles makes him realize how much harder it is to stop a truck than a car. Pulling out in front of, or cutting off an 80,000 pound truck is not a good idea.

"We maintain a distance to be safe and when you pull in front of a truck we lose that safe distance so our reaction time or are stopping time I should say is, it narrows it down," said Curry. "We may cause a problem there."

U.S. Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 15-21.

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