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Lewis County Community Supports Jane Lew Man with Cancer

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To see George Ables, you'd never know he has battling an incurable disease. But earlier this summer, after getting worried about what he thought was a broken collarbone, Ables got some bad news.

"I had a family doctor appointment that week, and I said 'I think I broke my collarbone, doc.' And he said, 'nope you didn't break your collarbone.' He said, 'you got cancer,'" Ables said.

Once word got out, it didn't take long for the friends he calls his extended family to rally behind him, organizing Friday's spaghetti dinner to help with the costs of his medical care. Co-workers from Stonewall Resort came out to support him throughout the day, and they said help for the event came from all around the county.

"Companies, local businesses, and individuals who have asked to remain anonymous have just come from the cracks saying we have, we have to-go containers we can give, we have spaghetti we can give, whatever it is, we're ready to give it," said Samantha Norris, who works with Ables at the resort and helped to organize the dinner.

Ables will go in to have his kidney removed next week, but in the meantime, he said he's going to keep working as much as he can, and enjoy his time with all those who he calls friend.

"I'm not going to sit around the house and worry. This is where we got all the family at. This is where my family is. I mean, I got a big family, but my friends are at work, and they all stood behind me, and if you look here today, you can see them all here," Ables said.

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