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Marion County Businesses Participate In Freedom Day USA

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Freedom Day USA is one of the country's largest "thank you" movements ever and military families said it means the world to them.

"It gives me pride and joy to be a military wife, an army wife, and let everybody know that I am an army wife. You have to stand by your man no matter deployments, any military issues, you're always there," said Amy Branham, Military wife.

Freedom Day USA is held in September every year. Businesses around the country give back to those who gave so much for their country.

"I like blessing other people," said Christy Shaffer, Wilson-Martino Dental. "Being able to help others like they help us. We don't realize every day what people go through. So just to be a little part of it makes me feel good."

More than a dozen Marion County businesses participated in Freedom Day USA. Wilson-Martino Dental, for instance, provided free dental care to military families.

"Military people, veterans, and those active go out every day and we're trying to give back to the community," Shaffer said.

Middletown Animal Clinic provided free exams and nail clippings to military pups.

"People actually are caring about us and standing behind us and appreciate us by giving us this stuff. It's very rewarding," Branham said.

Other services include free food, desserts, tanning sessions, and gym sessions.

"Just everybody pulling together, whether its taking care of their animals or whatever. Some people just don't have that extra money to go and do it. I just everybody should pull together and help each other out," Shaffer said.

"If I don't even go there and do anything, I just want to go there and say thank you for participating and doing this for everybody," Branham said.

If you would like additional information on Freedom Day USA or how you could get involved next year, visit its website.

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