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'Master Gardener' Explains How to Winterize Your Garden

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The Bridgeport Public Library hosted Master Gardener Larry Campbell on Tuesday.

He presented, "Putting Your Garden to Bed," and "'Leafing' it Alone."

He provided the public with information on how to winterize their vegetable and flower gardens and how to get the best start for next spring.

"They reach a point where they've got other things on their mind because they think the season is over. There are some really helpful and important things that they can be doing this time of year to make their gardens get through the winter more successfully and be better prepared for the spring," said Campbell.

The three main points Campbell made during the presentation were: clean up, cultivate, and cover up.

Campbell said to clean up you remove dead, damaged, and diseased plants, foliage, and limbs. He also said that you should not remove everything, and keep things like ornamental grass and seed pods.

When cleaning up Campbell said to weed, rake leaves, and compost.

The next step in the process is to cultivate. Campbell said to till the soil, and incorporate compost to it.

Campbell also said to plant winter hardy bulbs, and water evergreen trees an shrubs before the ground is frozen.

The final step to winterize your garden is to cover up.

Campbell said to use row covers, cloches, and straw bales on winter vegetables.

Shrub shelters can also be used to protect plants from ice and snow fall.

Campbell has presented at the Bridgeport Library before, including when he demonstrated how to make a low tunnel.

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