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Barbour County 911 Director Explains Address Changes

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In the recent weeks, we've told you about officials changing residents addresses to simplify them for emergency situations.

Some residents have concerns about this and don't like the address changes.

At Monday's Barbour County Commission meeting, Barbour County Commission 911 director Cindy Hart explained she's been receiving negative feedback about the changes.

She wants to remind the public, the changes are for their benefit.

"We could be able to get them an ambulance quicker, a fire truck to them quicker, a police car, whatever their emergency is. We can expedite the responders with the directions. If they don't have long to talk they can say I live at ‘123 XYZ Street' and I can send them right to them," said Hart.

Hart said 911 has been receiving numerous phone calls every day complaining about the address changes.

She wanted to remind the public that 911 is for emergencies only and that for concerns regarding the changes the post office can be contacted.

Hart said many people are concerned about the financial aspect of the changes, but the costs are relatively low.

"If it's their checks, they can use what they have and then the next time they order they can put their new address on. It's only $0.69 for a number, a reflective three to four inch letter to put on your residence that will help us find you quicker," said Hart.

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