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Morgantown's 3rd Annual Urban Deer Archery Hunt

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Morgantown's third annual Urban Deer Archery Hunt began Saturday, September 7. The season will run through December 31 2013.

Last year, the hunting list was expanded from the previous year 67 to 77 permitted hunters, who far surpassed the previous year's harvest with 118 deer.

The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources has also approved a change to the rules. You are now allowed to take two deer on the same day, provided they are not both antlered (bucks).

This year's properties include Dorsey's Knob Park, Krepps Park, Green Bag Road hillside, and a number of other locations listed below.

- BoParc - Dorsey's Knob Park

- BoPARC - Krepps Park

- BoPARC - White Park

- Green Bag Road hillside

- Harner Street

- Sabraton Avenue

- City of Morgantown - Green Bag

- Road/MUB Woodlot

- Powell Avenue/Route 7

- Munsey Avenue

- White Avenue/Panrell Property

-Conrad Place

- Sabraton hillside

- Liberty Street

- 4 Parcels in South Pointe Circle

- WV Botanic Garden

- WVU Arboretum

- WVU Dairy Farm

- WVU Dairy Farm - Bypass Hollow

- WVU Dairy Farm - Lower West Run

- WVU Falling Run Property

- WVU Farm Woodlot

- WVU Motorpool

- WVU Organic Farm

- WVU Research Park

- Chalfant Lane

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