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Doo Be Gone Offers Pet Waste Management Services in Clarksburg

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Dogs can make great pets, but they can also make a great big mess, especially in your backyard.

It's a chore that most pet owners dread. Adam Starkey and Justin Glass are hoping to capitalize on that with a brand new business.

"The name of the business is Doo Be Gone, pet waste management," said Adam Starkey, owner of Doo Be Gone.

Starkey said Doo Be Gone just does what it says; it gets rid of pet waste on your property.

"Come out of our trucks, basically scoop up their dogs poop. Then we bag it up, make sure yard is completely free and clear. And we'll leave treats for the dogs, how many they have," Starkey said.

Justin Glass, also owner of Doo Be Gone, said the idea is catching people's attention in all kinds of ways.

"One of our first comments was, when we posted on Facebook 'wow, I've seen it all," Justin said.

It's not all that uncommon though.

"Cities across the United States, big cities, have actually addressed this problem because city and county governments have forced people to do so. Pollution problem in this country is huge," Starkey said.

Starkey said dogs contribute to that pollution almost as much as humans do.

"Twenty to 30 percent of water stream pollutants come from dog feces," Glass said.

Starkey and Glass see their services benefiting pet owners, and government entities.

Even thought the business is just taking shape, Glass and Starkey are already thinking ahead.

"A cat litter service is one we've talked about getting into. Another, we eliminate dog feces, but some of that smell can linger. We could offer a deodorizing to the yard," Glass said.

For more information on services and pricing click here, and check out Doo Be Gone on Facebook.

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