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Public Hearing Held for Morgantown Mall Annexation

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On Wednesday, the Monongalia County Commission held a public hearing regarding the annexation of the property where Lowes, Morgantown Mall, and Morgantown Commons are located near Westover.

Westover and the county have been back and forth on the issue of annexation of the Morgantown Mall property since 2010.

Wednesday evening, the mayor said that the annexation will allow for vast improvements in the area from B and O taxes that merchants on and near the proposed properties will pay.

Representatives from the Morgantown Mall said in the public hearing that they oppose the annexation because it being forced upon them. Representatives said that they are opposed to forcing a B and O tax on merchants of 50 cents for every $100, if the mall were annexed out of the county into the city of Westover. Mall representatives also said in the hearing that annexing the Morgantown Mall would be detrimental to development in Monongalia County.

"They want to ride the bus like everyone else but they don't want to pay the 50 cents to you have to pay when you ride the bus like the people of Westover do," said Westover Mayor Dave Johnson.

"I didn't see or hear any cost benefit analysis of the willing participants in what their impact financially is going to be on the city," said Westover resident Charles Sell.

The public forum will stay open for written documentation until Monday, September 9.

Monongalia County Commission will meet again in a hearing on Wednesday, September 25, to make a decision.

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