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Mold Found In Marion County Courtroom, Not Believed To Be Serious

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Marion County maintenance workers have discovered mold in the Division One Courtroom in the county courthouse.

The county commission said the mold is nothing to be concerned about, but that it is taking it seriously.

MSES consultants took nine air samples on July 31. The results came back August 12 stating that nothing was abnormal.

MSES said with the humidity due to the rain, as well as the air conditioner running, the moisture in the air caused the mold.

They identified the mold as a common strain and one that would not harm a reasonably healthy person.

The report reads: "It does not appear that a fungal amplification is occurring within the J Harper Meredith Building or the Marion County Courthouse."

It continues: "Fungal concentrations identified within these buildings were found to be similar to outdoor fungal concentrations and the majority of species identified indoors were also found to be present outdoors."

MSES said the concentration was minimal.

The commission said it is not overlooking the problem and is taking the necessary steps to fix it.

It will undergo a periodic inspection that will be conducted in several parts of the buildings.

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