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Grant Town Police Dog Retires After 7 Years in Service

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After seven years of serving the Grant Town community, Czar, a police dog, is retiring.

Czar retired at the end of August, and on Tuesday, officers held a party in his honor.

Community members, law enforcement, and town officials filled the Grant Town Community Building to wish him a happy retirement.

His handler, Chief Matt Biggie, said he'll miss having Czar on duty with him.

"This morning was the first morning that Czar didn't get in the cruiser with me when we went out to work. It was hard on him and hard on me as well. He's great. He's not only a good partner, but a good buddy and a good friend," said Chief Biggie.

Chief Biggie said his relationship with Czar was instant.

"Mayor Riggs brought him in the office, actually just in the building and Czar came down the hallway, into my office and sat between my legs. We haven't been separated since, we've been together ever since," Biggie said.

Czar was used as a narcotics and tracking dog. Grant Town wasn't the only community that benefited from his skills.

"We've been asked by the state police to come out, and they wanted to use Czar on some of their stuff. All the municipalities at one time or another have asked me to come out and run Czar around vehicles for them. So he's been a huge asset and he's been a great partner," said Chief Biggie.

Guests at Czar's party brought cards, toys, and treats for Czar to enjoy. Grant Town Mayor Melanie Thompson planned the party and said he deserved it.

"Like any police officer, he deserves a retirement party. He's been a big help to us, and now he gets to go home to the Biggie family and be a pet," said Thompson.

Grant Town is now looking for a new dog to replace Czar. The town is hoping to get one from the same place Czar was trained.

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