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UPDATE: Route 19 Road Slip Repairs Begin in Lewis County

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The West Virginia Division of Highways began work Monday morning to repair a months-old road slip on Route 19 in Lewis County.

Crews began work mid-morning, digging up old pipes to clear the way for the repairs.

DOH officials previously said that once the work started, it should only be a matter of weeks before it is finished

"The actual repairs will probably take about six weeks, so we hope to have things completed before winter," said Ron Smith, of the Division of Highways.

The DOH has flaggers on Route 19 while repairs are underway and crews work from the road.


It's been months since a road slip damaged Route 19 outside of Jane Lew, but repairs may not be far away.

The Division of Highways said they've had to wait for utility lines to be moved out of the way before they could start work.

Those have been taken care of, and now the DOH is wrapping up discussions with property owners affected by the slip.

Staff said the repairs will begin once those are finished, and should take about three weeks to complete.

Original story

Workers are almost ready to start repairing a road slip that is blocking part of Route 19, just south of Jane Lew in Lewis County.

It happened after heavy rains washed out the ground under a portion of the road.

The slip damaged a house along the road and reduced traffic around it to just one lane.

The Division of Highways said utilities in the area will need to be moved before crews can complete the reinforcement.

"We've been working with the utility companies to get the utility lines relocated, because there's overhead power lines, and we can't install piling with the power lines there," said DOH employee Ron Smith.

Smith said he expects to complete the work before winter. Funding for the project has already been approved. Smith said crews will drill holes down into the rock below the road.

They will then lay down steel beams and fill in the slip before completing the repairs to the road.

Smith said the repair work is fairly standard and should take about six weeks to complete once the work begins.

He said despite the frequent use of the road as a route between Jane Lew and Weston, very few traffic problems were reported in the area.

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