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Test it Tuesday: Wipe New

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The Wipe New promises to restore any plastic surface on your vehicle and more, with results lasting for years.

A WBOY employee offered the use of his pickup truck as a test subject, and some of its trim was certainly in need of refurbishing.

The Wipe New commercials show dull gray sun faded plastic turning jet black and shiny with just a few swipes of the Wipe New solution.

The instructions state that the surfaces must be clean first, so I washed the areas we were going to test and dried them before we got started. Then, I donned the plastic gloves contained in the kit because the instructions warn that the solution is caustic to skin.

The Wipe New solution went on easily and made an immediate impact. Once I was done wiping down half the front bumper and one fender, the difference was clear.

The commercial promises the results will last for years, and through at least a hundred car washes. We checked back after three days of normal use, and a few rain showers.

Some of the sheen was faded, but the overall impact was still the same. It's easy to see where I did and did not apply the Wipe New.

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