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ABU Reveals New Mascot And Fight Song

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On Monday, staff at Alderson Broaddus University kicked off an afternoon of celebrations for its students, revealing the school's new welcome sign, and ushering it its first year as a university. While the change has been official for a few months now, students at AB got their first looks at all the changes.

"The official charter and by-laws were established at the end of June in Charleston, West Virginia, but our students returned to campus this weekend, so today's festivities are really a celebration for our students," said ABU President Rick Creehan.

The sign wasn't the only thing on campus that got a makeover. Students, faculty and friends also got their first look at the new costume for Skirmish, the Battler mascot. Skirmish will appear at AB football games throughout the season, and Assistant Provost Eric Shor said he thinks he'll be seen by many people there.

"We had a scrimmage for football on Saturday night. Stadium was full, it was jam-packed. Students are excited to be back to campus and excited to be a part of Alderson Broaddus University," Shor said.

And that change isn't just cosmetic. Creehan said they'll be making more announcements in coming weeks about new academic programs coming to the university. And all these things combined are giving the school a broader reach than ever before.

"We are into the international market for recruiting. We have eleven students in this year's freshman class that are coming from international places all over the globe, and that's only going to increase over the years," said Creehan.

Classes at the newly-named Alderson Broaddus University will begin on Wednesday, September 4th.

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