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Marion County Democratic Party and UMWA Host 18th Annual Labor Day Picnic

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The Marion County Democrat Party and United Mine Workers of America hosted its 18th Annual Labor Day Picnic in Mannington Sunday. It is one of the largest Labor Day activities in the state.

"What a wonderful event this is for workers across the nation and here locally to get together to celebrate Labor," said Mark Dorsey, a member of the UMWA. "Labor has built this country what a beautiful day to celebrate you couldn't ask for anything better."

The picnic hit at an important time for the UMWA. They just came to an agreement with Patriot Coal about their benefits.

Elected officials come to the event to show their support for the workers in West Virginia.

"We've given all for this great country," said Senator Joe Manchin (D) West Virginia. "The Patriot Coal and the UMWA, for them to come together and to keep thousands of people working and making sure people will get their benefits for retirement, I think it was a great victory. Showing that labor and management can work together."

West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant said there is still a long way to go for the agreements, but it has made progress.

"It's a celebration of work," said Tennant. "This is a celebration of what people are, a celebration of who we are as people. It really is a celebration of how we work together for the greater good."

The main point of the picnic was to show appreciation for the labor that workers have done, and will do in our state.

"Without the electric and without the coal we wouldn't be where we are today," Dorsey said. "So, we have been a big part of Labor Day and building and unions and its all come together, thanks to the UMWA."

People in attendance at the Labor Day picnic said it is not only to honor people in West Virginia, but working families across the United States.

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