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Morgantown Prepares for WVU Game Day Traffic

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West Virginia University prepared to bring out the Mountaineers to kick off the 2013 football season on Saturday, August 31 when thousands of fans will pack Mylan Puskar Stadium. The real concern is how the city will handle the traffic coming off of the highways and into the parking lots.

Residents that aren't planning on attending the game will still have to deal with the traffic. Like, Arty Aspy who works at Ruby Tuesday and travels to work on the Mileground.

"I mean I'm scheduled at 4," said Aspy. "So, I'll probably leave my house at 2:45 to get there on time and to allow all that stuff."

Morgantown Police said that game day traffic is a cooperative measure between the sheriff's department, university, city, and state police.

Police expect there will be congestion on the Mileground, near the new roundabout, on 705 East and West, and on Beechurst Avenue. Most roads will be widened or even turned into one ways to accommodate the traffic.

"The key thing to remember is your talking tens of thousands of vehicles and people trying to get to the same place at the same time," said Chief Ed Preston, of the Morgantown Police Department. "It's not going to happen instantly delays are to be expected anytime you have a large event like that."

Traffic isn't the only thing that police will be keeping their eye on.

"We'll have everything from people parking in people's yards or blocking driveways for those kind of things that we'll have to deal with,' said Chief Preston. "And then we'll also have the alcohol related incidents that typically come from this type of weekend."

Even though residents will have to sit through traffic for a trip that usually takes a few minutes. Most agree WVU game day is good for the city.

"It definitely helps all the local businesses and everything... the hotels, restaurants, everything benefits from it," said Aspy. "So it's a good thing."

There will be plenty of traffic delays before and after the game. Morgantown Police said to give yourself plenty of time to get around town, not only for the first game but each game but each game of the season.

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