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Doddridge County Schools Move All Preschool Classrooms to One Building

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Smithburg -

Doddridge County recently made all of its schools environmentally friendly. Now there is one more change for the school year in Doddridge.

The old Smithburg Grade School is about to be the home to almost 80 preschool students.

The project to repurpose the grade school into the new preschool facility started in June. Two preschool classrooms were already in the building, and now the two that were in the Elementary School are being moved so that all four classrooms are under one roof.

"It's nice to be able to get them all together because its one location, and they'll all be on the same mission and geared towards that. Their mentality is different than any other students because it's sort of getting them ready for school," explained Alvin Ross, general director of Doddridge County Schools.

Maintenance crews worked hard all summer to get the building ready for opening day on September 3.

"FRN was in here and they were offices. We had to tear the office walls our and strip everything out and start all over again. We re-wired it and we put new floor tile, ceiling tile, lights, so everything is new for the kids," said David Bode, the maintenance supervisor for Doddridge County Schools.

On Wednesday, construction was being finished up, and the classrooms were starting to be organized and decorated by the teachers.

"They've pulled things together really well. We're right up against the time limits that we have set for it. There's an open house on Friday and they'll be able to meet the teachers, and discuss transportation," said Ross.

Doddridge County Superintendent Rick Coffman said the move will free up some much needed space in the elementary school.

There is still some work to do, but administration and teachers said they will be ready for open house on Friday.

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