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Cancer Survivor Bicycling Across the Country Stops in Bridgeport

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A man from Virginia is working to help cancer patients fund their treatments, one mile at a time.

Fred Vlchek, 44, started his five-week cross country bicycle trip on July 26 in California.

On Tuesday, he traveled from Parkersburg, through Clarksburg, and is staying in Bridgeport for the night.

Vlchek is raising money to help cancer patients who can't afford chemotherapy and is a cancer survivor himself.

"I'm a six-year cancer survivor, and one of the hardest things I had to see when I was going through my own bought with chemotherapy was watching people make the determination whether they were going get their treatment, or put food on the table for their family. They are in the fight of their life, and they should not be making those decisions," said Vlchek.

After Vlchek beat cancer, he decided to get healthy and help those people with "Fred's Difference."

"This idea was born from that. It's crazy, and its nuts. When I first had the idea to ride my bike across the country, I weighed 362 pounds. I started training, and things just started falling into place,e and I started a non-profit," explained Vlchek.

After 2,800 miles and nine states, Vlchek is only five days away from making it to the end of his trip. He said he's happy with the amount of money raised so far.

"It's our first year in existence, and it's our inaugural ride. To help, we've raised about $6,000," Vlchek said.

Vlchek will leave for Oakland, Maryland on Wednesday and be done with the ride by Sunday.

He said it won't be long before he does another ride for "Fred's Difference."

"We, as a team, are going to come together and say okay, 'what's good, what's not good, what did we like, what didn't we like' and we'll start orchestrating what the next step is," said Vlchek.

You can learn more about Vlchek, "Fred's Difference, and how you can help here.

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