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UPDATE: Harrison County Residents Getting Accustomed to Address Changes

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Update: 9/26/13

Residents in Clarksburg and Bridgeport received notices of address changes just a few weeks ago and their response produced a backlog of phone calls and emails for the Harrison County Addressing and Mapping Office.

County Administrator William Parker said the chaos is starting to taper off now.

"The calls have been going down and reducing. We're able to get caught back up a bit. We're still behind a number of days in returning calls, but volume has slowed down and we're working on some of the issues and problems," Parker said.

Update: 9/18/13

If you haven't received one already, it may be in the mail; a letter notifying you of a change in address to improve emergency response. 

Some residents will receive notification of a new house number, even a new street name.

Harrison County 911 Director Paul Bump said new street signs are on the way.

"Once we get through this current phase of handling issues that have come through from the last couple of zip codes have been converted, we will start doing street surveys. We will go out and see where we need street signs, those that are public streets, we'll make a list and turn them into the Division of Highways," said Harrison County 911 Director Paul Bump.

Harrison County has issued a question and answer sheet that will answer many of your addressing questions. To view the website, click here.


Some residents of Harrison County have already received, or will receive notification of address changes.

The County Commission is working with the Addressing and Mapping Office to clarify questions and concerns regarding those changes.

One of the biggest questions residents are asking is related to their house number.

"Harrison County is using a national numbering standard. There is an address number available every 10.56 feet. We are using it as a measurement, so at the beginning of a road, if your address is 1056 it tells responders you are one mile up the road on the right," said William Parker, a Harrison County Administrator.

The county released this information on the 911 website to help answer common questions regarding the changes.

In the meantime, anyone with questions is asked to email the county at gskidmore@harrco911.org or wparker@harrisoncountywv.com.

Original story

The Harrison County Office of Emergency Services is reminding residents to expect a notice of their new addresses in the near future.

911 Director Paul Bump said residents in areas like Bridgeport and Clarksburg are starting to receive their notifications.

"We are swamped with phone calls, people with questions, people we didn't have matches for, people concerned with how road was named, numbering issues. We understand those issues we are doing our best to eliminate anything that is problematic," Bump said.

Residents will receive their notifications in the mail. After that, they'll have one year to change their addresses.

If you have any questions about your new address, call 304-626-4915.

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